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Oral Health Tips From North Oaks Dental [BLOG]

North Oaks Dental with Dr. Alvin Daboul

At our Royal Oak MI dental office, we love helping patients grasp the importance of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile at every stage of life. To that end, our staff is highly-trained and always ready to offer oral health tips like the ones in today’s post.  Keep reading, and then give us a call right away at 248-712-1522 to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment with us. 

Brush Longer Not Harder

The ADA says you brush your teeth twice a day. We concur! You, also, probably already knew that bit of dental wisdom. But did you know that it matters how long you brush? In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, you need to brush for at least two minutes. People often make the mistake of brushing too hard. This can actually damage your teeth and gums! Plaque, the cavity-causing agent you want to remove during brushing, is a soft substance and easily removed. Next time you brush, set a timer to help you brush longer and clean every portion of the mouth. 

Try Flossing

We dentists tend to go on and on about flossing. But, remember, brushing can only clean a certain portion of a tooth. About 35 percent of the tooth is located beneath the gums. The best way to clean that portion of the tooth is with floss. So, the next time you think about not flossing, consider that portion of the tooth you’re not cleaning. You wouldn’t clean only 35 percent of your body and consider yourself clean. So don’t do the same with your teeth. Flossing also will reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Trust us, flossing now is much less trouble than restorative work later!

Drink Water As Often As You Can Get It

Staying hydrated is important for your overall health, and also your teeth. This is especially important if you tend to snack or eat sweets. Whenever we are drinking enough water, our mouths are producing more saliva. The water, which does not contain any harmful substances like sugar and has no acidity, will also clean out food debris. As an added bonus, most public drinking water contains fluoride, a natural substance that has been proven to reduce the risk of tooth decay and even restore damaged enamel. This will also help you ward off bad breath, which is even better!

Don’t Delay, Make Your Appointment Today

We hope you have been encouraged to take the next step toward a healhier smile. These oral health tips are just a few ways you can make an immediate change in your teeth and gums. Of course, one of the best ways is to visit a qualified dentist for cleanings and exams every 3-6 months. Don’t worry, our staff will make you feel comfortable and at home during your first visit. Call North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI today at 248-712-1522 or contact us online to schedule your easy appointment with our team. 

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