Same-Day Smile Restore Your Smile In One Visit
  • Get implants & new teeth at the same time
  • Relax with soothing sedation during treatment
  • Ask how to save $500 on your implants

Enjoy Immediate Results With a Same-Day Smile in Royal Oak

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is their stability, which results from their placement in your jaw. After your dentist places them, your bone grows around them in a process called osseointegration. But this means you may have to wait a few months before you can get your new teeth. If you prefer a faster solution, ask about a same-day smile in Royal Oak.

With this procedure, our dentists can place dental implants and your replacement teeth all in the same day! Benefits include:

  • Immediate return of a smile full of teeth
  • Fewer visits to our office for planning, procedure, and follow-up
  • Faster, easier healing
  • Ability to enjoy full oral function like eating almost right away

To talk to Dr. Alvin Daboul or one of our other dentists about getting a new smile in a day, call 248-712-1522. Ask about how you can save $500 on your implant treatment.

Dr. Daboul is so well-versed in implant dentistry that he has published a book titled Getting Ready for Dental Implant Surgery. He is also a graduate of the Misch Resnik Implant Institute.

Our Technology & Expertise Make Your Same-Day Smile Possible

For your one-day smile restoration, our dentists can use:

  • Dentures attached to mini dental implants, which are about half the size of full-size implants
  • A Zimmer dental implant procedure, which secures a full arch of replacement teeth with four implants

Enjoy Immediate Results With a Same-Day Smile in Royal OakWith careful placement, the implants can support your replacement teeth. Our dentists use technology like 3D X-rays to locate the best possible sites for implant placement. With that knowledge, they can attach a full arch of replacement teeth to implants in your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or both.

You may require nothing more than local anesthesia to stay comfortable while you get your smile in a day. But if you’re worried about the procedure, you can get dental sedation. North Oaks Dental offers three different kinds of sedation, one of which will be right for you.

Interested in a same-day smile in Royal Oak? Call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522. You can also make an appointment online.

Commonly Asked Questions About Same-Day Smile

What is a same-day smile?

A same-day smile procedure allows you to get your dental implants and new teeth all in the same day. In just one visit, you can get a full mouth of beautiful, functional teeth that you’ll be proud to show off to everyone. We can even remove any remaining teeth at the same time to make room for your new teeth.

How much does a same-day smile cost?

Every person is different, and each patient has a unique set of needs. Once we’ve had a chance to examine you and take a set of images, we can give you an accurate estimate of your investment in your smile. We’ll make sure you have all the information needed to decide what’s best for you and your smile, including your financing options.

Who is a good candidate for a same-day smile?

If you have a strong and healthy jawbone, then you may be a good candidate for a same-day smile procedure. When you come in for your initial consultation, X-rays will help us determine if your jaw is thick enough to get your implants and new teeth all in one day. Even if a same-day smile procedure isn’t right for you, we have other implant options that will give you back your teeth.

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