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Get Comfortable, Expert Root Canal Treatment in Our Royal Oak, MI Office

For many people, the term “root canal” can create anxiety. No one wants to think about having root canal treatment. However, this beneficial procedure doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it has acquired. This is especially true if performed by the skilled hand of Dr. Daboul or another expert dentist at North Oaks Dental in our Royal Oak, MI office.

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Here are some of the benefits of coming to our office for your root canal treatment:

  • Sedation options. You have your choice of sedation, whether you’d like laughing gas, a calming anti-anxiety pill, or even IV sedation.
  • Same-day procedure. We can perform your root canal procedure the same day as your consultation, routine dental exam, or dental emergency . No need for a second appointment!
  • Caring, expert staff. We will always treat you with courtesy, respect, and compassion. When Dr. Daboul founded our practice, his goal was to treat each patient like a member of his own family. We do that each and every day.
  • We have headphones to use with your music or with ours. Focus on the tunes and leave your smile to us!

If you think you might need root canal treatment, call our office today to schedule a no-hassle appointment: 248-712-1522. We’re conveniently located on Rochester Road in Royal Oak, just a few blocks north of Wagner Park.

Gets the Facts on Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment (what most people refer to as “a root canal”) may be needed if a tooth’s roots become inflamed or infected. This can happen if a cavity is left untreated for a period of time. The decay from the cavity slowly spreads to the soft tissue inside the tooth, creating significant pain and sensitivity.

Our dentist will clean out the infected tissue inside the tooth, disinfect the root canal, then seal it. This common procedure allows us to save your tooth and keep your smile intact. With local anesthesia and sedation options, you shouldn’t feel any more discomfort than if you were getting a tooth filled. In fact, you should feel much better after your procedure, as the toothache from the infected or inflamed tooth will be eliminated.

Save your tooth and your smile with root canal treatment at North Oaks Dental. Call 248-712-1522 today to schedule an appointment.

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Video: Dr. Alvin Daboul on Painless Root Canal Procedure

Root canal has a reputation of being painful but the trust is, it isn't. The key to a painless root canal procedure is to get the patient numb. Learn more about root canal - https://northoaksdental.com/restorative-dentistry/root-canals/ ----- North Oaks Dental Dr. Alvin Daboul 3213 Rochester Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073 248-712-1522 Follow us: https://facebook.com/NorthOaksDental https://plus.google.com/+BrightSideDentalRoyalOakMichigan https://instagram.com/explore/locations/1027720856/