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Stay Calm and Relaxed With Dental Sedation in Royal Oak

At North Oaks Dental, keeping you comfortable for every procedure is a priority. You likely won’t feel a thing, thanks to our careful administration of local anesthesia. But if you’re nervous or otherwise concerned about discomfort, our Royal Oak, MI dentists can also offer you dental sedation.

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Unlike most general dentists, you can choose from three different types of sedation, all of which provide a different level of relaxation:

  • Laughing gas
  • Oral sedation in the form of a pill
  • IV sedation

Our dentists can help you determine which form of sedation dentistry will work best for you, given your anxiety level, the procedures that will be performed, your medical history, and other factors. No matter which type of sedation you choose, our caring staff will monitor you throughout your procedure.

For more information on your sedation options, call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522.

Different Types of Sedation Offer Different Benefits

From laughing gas, our lightest form of sedation dentistry, to IV sedation, which produces a sleeplike state, each of our sedation options offers different benefits. We’ve summarized them for you here:

  • Laughing gas is safe enough for children. It’s given through a small mask you wear over your nose and produces a mild euphoria. It takes effect quickly and wears off quickly too, so you can even drive yourself home afterward. Our dentists can easily give you more or less as needed during your procedure.
  • Oral sedation. You can take a prescribed medication before your appointment so you arrive already relaxed and stay that way. You’ll remain completely aware, so you can respond to questions or other communications. The effect lasts for about two hours, and you’ll feel groggy afterward.
  • IV sedation, which is administered intravenously, induces a deep relaxation. It enters your bloodstream, so it takes effect quickly. If you need more or less sedation, our dentists can adjust the amount you receive during your procedure. It will leave you less groggy than oral sedation.

Dental Sedation Isn’t Just for Anxiety

While anxiety is the most obvious reason to use dental sedation, it isn’t the only one. It’s also helpful if you’re undergoing a lengthy procedure or multiple procedures in a single visit. You’ll stay relaxed, and it will be easier for our dentists to get everything done. Other situations where you may want to consider sedation:

  • To control a strong gag reflex
  • If you’ve ever experienced difficulty getting numb with local anesthesia
  • If you’re getting teeth removed or another type of oral surgery

Sedation is a great option for any patient, and we are happy to accommodate individuals with disabilities as well. Our goal is to make dental care as comfortable as possible for anyone who visits our office.

Whether you’re feeling anxious about your appointment or think you’ll have trouble staying still for a lengthy procedure, dental sedation can help! Call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522. In addition to Royal Oak, MI, our patients come from nearby communities like Madison Heights, Ferndale, and Troy.

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