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We have an excellent staff ready to serve you at North Oaks Dental. Without their expertise and dedication to our patients, we could not provide you with the kind of quality care the Royal Oak area has come to expect from us. Take a few minutes and get to know our team before your first visit.

Dental Hygienist

Dawn began her career in dentistry as a registered dental hygienist in 2009. She joined our dental family in 2015. Dawn has a passion for dental hygiene and enjoys bonding with her patients and providing exceptional and knowledgeable care. In her spare time, Dawn attends U of M to attain two bachelor’s degrees so she can teach dental hygiene. She is specializing in radiology and periodontology. She also loves spending time with her two daughters, traveling, and boating with her fiancé.

Dental Assistant - Alexandra | North Oaks Dental
Dental Assistant

Alexandra loves the staff as well as the caring and professional environment at North Oaks Dental. She is certified in X-rays, CPR, and OSHA regulation and has completed continuing education hours in OSHA and Invisalign® orthodontics. Alexandra has taken care of our patients’ smiles since 2014 and began her career in dentistry the same year. When not working, she enjoys shopping and planning events.

CRNA - Amy | North Oaks Dental

Amy has been helping dental patients since 2004. She joined our team in 2014 and greatly enjoys being able to relieve patients’ pain and anxiety in a safe way so that they can have their dental work completed. Amy has earned her BSN, MS, and CRNA. In her time away from the office, Amy enjoys mountain biking, skiing, gardening, and spending time with her son.

Recall Coordinator

Courtney began working in dentistry in 2015 and joined our team right after. She feels the best part about her job is being able to interact with our patients. Courtney is a fan of art, likes to spend time with her boyfriend and cat and she loves to go to concerts.

Scheduler - Dayna | North Oaks Dental

Dayna first began working in dentistry and at North Oaks Dental in 2012. She enjoys communicating with different people every day and helping them as much as possible with their appointments. She also loves having control of the office schedule. To help her give our patients the best care possible, she has completed continuing education courses with Fred Pryor Seminars.

Dayna enjoys her job and believes she works with a great bunch of people. When she’s not at work figuring out which room to put patients in, she likes spending time with her friends and family, working out, watching TV, and playing with her cats.

Hygiene Assistant

Jessica began her dentistry career at North Oaks Dental in 2017. What makes her job enjoyable is being able to help out patients. She loves to spend time with her family when she’s not working.

Accounts Manager

Katie is a huge music and movie buff, and her favorite thing to do is go to concerts! At work, she enjoys the interaction with both our employees and our patients she sees every day. Katie began working in dentistry and with our practice in 2017. She looks forward to seeing patients grow as time goes on.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Maha came on board with us in 2017 but is a long-time veteran of dentistry, having worked in the field since 1993! She loves that she works with really nice people here at North Oaks Dental and gets to provide great care for her patients.

Maha is certified in local anesthesia administration, CPR, OSHA regulations, and HIPAA regulations. She has also earned numerous continuing education credits over her many years of working in dentistry. Among her fun activities are spending timing with her family, going to church, working out, and reading.

Insurance Coordinator

Mariah loves how nice everyone is at North Oaks! She began working in dentistry and with our dental family in 2015. She makes sure all our insurance claims flow smoothly. When not working, Mariah enjoys spending time outside or just being with friends.

Dental Assistant

Mavel began working in dentistry since 2000 and joined our staff 11 years later. She enjoys the hands-on aspect of her job, and loves to help our patients and learn about new dental technology. She holds several certifications including X-rays, IV sedation assisting, and Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique assisting.

In addition, Mavel has completed several continuing education credits so she can better care for our patients. These include OSHA regulations, HIPAA regulations, and Invisalign® orthodontics. When she’s not working, Mavel enjoys spending time with her husband and her dog.

Dental Assistant - Natalia | North Oaks Dental
Dental Assistant

Natalia has been in dentistry and on our staff since 2011. She is certified in X-ray, CPR/first response, and in assisting with IV sedation. To provide our patients the best experience possible when visiting our office, Natalia has completed continuing education in Invisalign® orthodontics, Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, and soft tissue management.

The best things about her job are taking care of patients, meeting new people, building relationships with others, and enjoying the great working environment at North Oaks Dental. Natalia loves shopping, cooking, and working out when she’s not helping patients at our clinic.

Treatment Manager - Nichole | North Oaks Dental
Treatment Manager

Nichole loves working at North Oaks Dental because of the positive environment! She began working in dentistry and with us in 2013. She holds two separate degrees, a bachelor’s in accounting and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering. Being with her family and taking in sporting events are Nichole’s favorite things to do when not working.

Dental Hygienist - Shelby | North Oaks Dental
Dental Assistant

Shelby joined our crew and began working in dentistry in 2014. She is certified in CPR, X-rays, HIPAA regulations, and OSHA regulations. Shelby has also completed continuing education in Invisalign® orthodontics, OSHA regulations, and the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

The positive work environment and her coworkers are the aspects of her job she enjoys the most. When she isn’t working, Shelby enjoys spending time with her friends, sleeping, and working out.

Hygiene Assistant - Susanna | North Oaks Dental
Hygiene Assistant

Susanna began her dentistry career in 2016 with the North Oaks Dental family. She is certified in both X-rays and CPR. For her, the best parts of her job are the camaraderie of the office and interacting with our patients. Outside of work, she enjoys the outdoors and exercising.

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