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Restorative Dentistry in Royal Oak, MI Helps You Eat What You Want

One of the privileges of adulthood is growing out of getting your foods selected for you at meals. Your doctor may mention your diet at checkups, but you can largely eat what you want – unless you have damaged or missing teeth, which make it tough to chew. If dental damage is affecting your diet, our Royal Oak, MI dentists can get you eating comfortably again with restorative dentistry treatments.

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Whether you have a painful cavity, an infected tooth, or a broken tooth, our dentists can fix your smile. Call 248-712-1522 for more information about restorative dentistry.

Restorative Dental Treatments Repair Dental Damage

Among the restorative dental treatments that can fix your smile:

  • Tooth fillings. If you have a cavity, our dentists will repair it with a tooth-colored filling that will look natural in your smile.
  • Root canals. If the soft center of your tooth has gotten infected, a same-day root canal will relieve your pain and keep your tooth intact.
  • Dental crowns. A dental crown can fix many kinds of problems, including broken or cracked teeth.
  • Dental bridges. A dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth. Unlike dentures, a bridge doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning.
  • Dental implants. Our dentists can place dental implants in your jaw, where they act like artificial tooth roots, stimulating your bone to help keep it healthy and strong. Implants can be restored with a dental crown, a dental bridge, or dentures to replace your missing teeth.

Communication and Sedation Keep You Relaxed

Because many restorative procedures aren’t ones you’ll undergo often, you may be nervous about them. Our Royal Oak, MI dentists explain what is happening every step of the way. They take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, and they thoroughly numb you so there’s no discomfort. But if local anesthesia isn’t enough, you can also get dental sedation. Unlike most general dentists, we offer three different types:

  • Laughing gas
  • Oral sedation in the form of a pill
  • IV sedation

Want to see if a restorative dental treatment is right for you? Call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522.

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