Gum Reshaping Will Help You Achieve a Balanced Smile

A smile is often deemed “gummy” when you can see three or four millimeters of gumline. If excessive gum tissue affects your confidence, let us know. We can help you find the right balance at your next appointment. Your dentist will outline the process for achieving a more balanced smile and discuss your objectives to ensure that you are thrilled with the final result.

This cosmetic procedure is beneficial if you would like to:

Enhance Your Smile’s Aesthetics – Everyone deserves to feel confident when they smile. Gummy smile treatment can alleviate self-consciousness, especially if you’ve felt uncomfortable about the gum-to-tooth ratio in your smile.

Prepare for Veneers or Crowns – The removal of surplus gum tissue isn’t solely for aesthetic purposes. It also serves as preparation for veneers or crowns. Revealing more tooth enamel brings you closer to receiving these smile-enhancing treatments.

Promote Dental Health – Beyond cosmetic benefits, reducing gum tissue offers hygienic benefits, potentially lowering the risk of periodontal disease and enhancing your overall oral health.

If we find that you are a good candidate for gum reshaping, your dentist will delicately and precisely remove excess gum tissue, ensuring your comfort with local anesthesia. However, sedation options are available if you need extra help feeling calm and relaxed.

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