Restore Periodontal Health with Dental Laser Care

During each comprehensive dental exam, our dentists carefully screen for any signs of gum disease. If we find anything, we can take prompt action with a deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing. At North Oaks Dental, our dentists can utilize PerioLase laser technology to make your treatment quicker, more precise, and significantly more comfortable.

If the removal of inflamed gum tissue is necessary, our laser treatment provides several key advantages:

  • Targeting diseased tissue while preserving healthy gum tissue
  • Expediting your procedure with minimal discomfort
  • Sealing your healthy tissue without the need for sutures
  • Minimizing your risk of infection and promoting faster healing
  • Reducing the overall cost of your service

Because laser therapy is so gentle and efficient, local anesthesia may be the only numbing measure needed. However, if you feel nervous or have sensitive gums and teeth, we offer multiple sedation options.

Call our office at 248-963-1969 for comfortable, laser-assisted New Hudson, MI gum disease treatment. You can also conveniently schedule online.