Enjoy Big Benefits With Fewer Implants

The All-on-4® technique is designed to provide you with a full arch of beautiful teeth using just four implants instead of the typical eight. It’s one of the most affordable options because it uses fewer materials and reduces your need for a bone graft or similar treatment to prepare you for implants.

However, cost isn’t the only benefit. This innovative solution:

  • Is Minimally Invasive – The All-on-4® technique typically avoids the need for surgical procedures such as bone grafting. It uses the available bone in your jaw to fuse with four implants that support an entire arch of replacement teeth. It reduces your time in surgery and post-op recovery compared to traditional methods.
  • Offers Same-Day Tooth Replacement – With the All-on-4® solution, you can expect immediate tooth placement. You’ll walk out of our office with a functional set of temporary teeth, instead of having to wait for months of healing to complete. You’ll love the instantaneous smile transformation.
  • Improves Restoration Stability – The All-on-4® implant system is designed to provide exceptional stability and comfort. You can eat the foods you love without difficulty or having to limit your choices. With this advanced solution, you’ll experience a level of function and comfort that mimics your natural teeth.

Your dentist will plan your treatment in advance so the entire procedure can be completed in one day. You’ll benefit from our experienced implant dentists, including Dr. Alvin Daboul, a graduate of the prestigious Misch Resnik Implant Institute. Dr. Daboul is a published author, having written the patient-focused book Getting Ready for Dental Implant Surgery. He also actively trains other dentists in advanced implant procedures.

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