Save Your Tooth With a Root Canal Procedure

When you have a cavity that goes untreated or a tooth suffers injury, infection can reach the soft inner part of the tooth known as the pulp. When this happens, you can experience quite a bit of discomfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to remain in this condition. The team at North Oaks Dental can help you feel better with root canal therapy.

Contrary to what movies and TV would have you believe, a root canal doesn’t cause you more pain. It eliminates the pain you’re in so you can relax and feel better. North Oaks Dental uses the latest procedures and materials for your root canal, plus we’ll numb the tooth we’re working on, so your treatment should be completely comfortable. You can also choose from one of three methods of sedation to help you relax.

For your root canal treatment:

  • Your dentist will remove the infected pulp.
  • The tooth is sanitized, then filled with a rubber-like material.
  • Your dentist will seal it with a temporary filling.
  • You’ll typically return for a new crown to finish off your tooth repair. The crown will restore virtually all your chewing capacity and prevent further problems with the tooth.

Call North Oaks Dental today at 248-963-1969 to find out more about root canals in New Hudson. You can also schedule online.