We’ll Repair Your Receding Gums with Ease

While gum grafting has traditionally been the method for treating receding gums, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique introduces several advantages over surgical grafting. Here’s why:

  • Minimally Invasive – Unlike grafting, which involves harvesting tissue from elsewhere in your mouth or using donor tissue, the Pinhole® technique uses your existing gum tissue.
  • Efficient – Dr. Daboul can repair your entire gumline within about an hour – the same amount of time traditional grafting would take for only a few teeth!
  • Enhanced Comfort – This treatment avoids the need for traditional surgical tools and techniques. Your dentist will create a small pinhole in your gums and gently manipulate the tissue to cover your tooth roots.
  • Speedy Recovery – Recovery is typically rapid and pain-free because your gums experience less trauma during the treatment process. There’s no need to alter your diet or oral hygiene routine.

We’ll ensure your comfort during the procedure by administering local anesthesia. If you prefer a slower pace, we can schedule a longer appointment. Additionally, dental sedation options are available to keep you relaxed throughout your treatment.

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