Feel Comfortable & Confident During Your Procedure

If you are pursuing a full-arch implant procedure, you can expect the entire experience to go smoothly. Your dentists will use 3D imaging technology to plan your procedure and identify the ideal placement of your implants. Two are placed vertically in the front of your mouth and two are placed in an angled position in the back. This ensures your customized teeth are fully supported to give you a more confident bite.

The procedure is minimally invasive. You can expect a comfortable experience with just local anesthesia. However, if you want additional relaxation, we offer sedation options:

  • Laughing gas to bring you to a soothing state of relaxation
  • Oral sedation to give you a deeper level of relaxation when you arrive
  • IV Sedation to put you into a deeply relaxed, sleep-like state for the duration of your treatment

Laughing gas fades quickly, enabling you to drive yourself home afterward. However, the calming effects of oral sedation and IV sedation can linger for a few hours after your implant procedure. You will need a ride home.

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