Enjoy Straight Teeth at Every Stage in Life

Early orthodontic intervention is crucial. That’s why our practice recommends scheduling the first orthodontic exam for children around the age of 7. During this exam, your orthodontist will assess for common issues like crossbite, crowding, and other potential problems that may impact your child’s dental development. Proactive care will help your little one avoid serious issues and reduce the need for treatment in the future.

However, adults and teens can also benefit from treatment. At North Oaks Dental, we offer orthodontic treatment for adults. For those seeking a discreet solution, you’ll find:

  • Invisalign®, which shifts your teeth into proper position with barely visible aligners
  • Clear ceramic braces, which use clear wires and tooth-colored brackets to straighten your teeth

Both allow you to straighten your teeth without drawing unwanted attention to your mouth. You can also receive additional cosmetic dental treatments to make your smile even more polished. You can pursue teeth whitening to brighten your smile, dental veneers for a seamless and uniform appearance, or gum reshaping to create a more symmetrical gumline.

During your appointment, your comfort is our top priority. You can wear headphones that have access to Pandora Internet Radio. This allows you to relax and enjoy your favorite music while we transform your smile.

Call 248-963-1969 to schedule your first orthodontic appointment in New Hudson. You can also ​​schedule online.