Stay Comfortable During Your Bone Graft

Before your procedure, your dentist will review other options with you. If mini dental implants will support your replacement teeth, you may not need bone grafting. If you do need a graft, the procedure is surprisingly simple when performed by an expert:

  • Your dentist simply places material designed to spur growth at the tooth extraction site or other area where more bone is needed.
  • Typically no more than a suture or two is used to keep the material in place.
  • Your body’s own regenerative powers then take over to create new bone.
  • You’ll check in with us while your mouth heals, so your dentist can determine when you’re ready for implant placement. You can usually receive implants within a few months.

As with any procedure in our office, we want to ensure you remain comfortable. Your dentist will explain what they are doing so you know exactly what to expect. They also take the time to answer any questions. You can use headphones to listen to Pandora Internet Radio during your treatment. If you want dental sedation, ask about it at your consultation. We offer several types: laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation.

Call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522 to see if you need Royal Oaks bone grafts before getting dental implants. You can also schedule online.