Regain a Full Mouth of Teeth With Less Investment

It’s possible to get back your smile and your bite without placing a dental implant for every missing tooth. With an innovative All-on-4® or All-on-6 procedure, we can use fewer implants to secure your new teeth.

Using the All-on-4® technique, your dentist will identify the exact locations to place four implants into your jaw. Two implants will be inserted vertically near the front of your mouth and two implants at precise angles closer to the back of your mouth. This setup allows for maximum stability and strength for your replacement teeth with just the four implants.

For some situations, we may recommend using two additional implants per arch, making it an All-on-6 procedure instead. If your jawbone is weaker or not as thick, we may need to go with this option to ensure that your teeth are as stable as possible.

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