Pick the Teeth Whitening Option That Best Suits Your Lifestyle

With professional teeth whitening, you’ll get a bright smile whether you select a treatment in our office or treatments you can use in the convenience of your home. Our dentists can advise you on the option that will work best for you. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Time – If you choose to have your teeth whitened at our office, the process will take about an hour. If you choose home treatment, you’ll apply whitening gel every day or night for at least a week.
  • Skill Level – While Zoom teeth whitening at home is simpler to use than drugstore products because of the sturdy whitening trays, nothing is easier than having members of our team apply the treatment for you. Your results will be more predictable.

For especially long-lasting results, some patients start with an office treatment followed by home applications of whitening gel later.

Complement Your White Teeth With Other Cosmetic Dental Services

After whitening your teeth, you may be interested in further improving your smile with some of our other cosmetic dental treatments like:

  • Dental veneers
  • Gum reshaping
  • Invisalign orthodontics
  • Tooth bonding

Call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522 to boost your smile’s appearance with Royal Oak teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry services. You can also make an appointment online.