Tooth Removal Preserves Your Health & Prepares Your Mouth for Restorations

While we always want to save your tooth if possible, here are some reasons getting a tooth removed may be necessary:

  • The tooth is severely damaged or decayed and is irreparable.
  • The infected tooth puts nearby teeth at risk.
  • Teeth need to be removed to prepare your mouth for orthodontics or restorative dentistry.

Whatever the reason for tooth removal, you’re in good hands with our gentle staff. We have many years of experience in setting our patients at ease and making their extractions as comfortable as possible. We’ll take time to listen to your needs and concerns and make sure you have answers to all your questions. We want you comfortable and relaxed for your procedure!

Call us today if you’re in pain or think you might need a Royal Oak tooth extraction: 248-712-1522. You can also schedule online. Get your great smile back!