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Get the straight smile you should have from an exceptional orthodontist near Sterling Heights, MI! Call North Oaks Dental today at 248-712-1522 to arrange your consultation.

Why Choose Us

Unlike other dental practices, we have two board-certified orthodontists on our staff who are prepared to correct your teeth. Seeing us means you’ll always receive top-shelf orthodontic care and a gentle touch.

Our Services

We provide you two excellent orthodontic solutions. A number of our patients choose Invisalign’s clear plastic trays, but we offer classic dental braces if Invisalign will not do the job in your circumstances.

Our Orthodontic Treatment Has Transformed Countless Patients’ Lives

You do not have to tolerate a crooked smile any longer. The orthodontic specialists at North Oaks Dental are equipped to help you attain the smile of your dreams with our skillful therapy. We have aligned the teeth of a great number of area residents – both adults and teens – and have several happy patients as a result.

What really establishes our family practice as different from the others is that we have two board-certified orthodontists on staff, Dr. Justin Kammo and Dr. Gerald Wesley. They concentrate their specialist work on orthodontics, so you can feel confident you’ll get excellent care from either one.

We offer you two excellent orthodontic techniques to select from:

  • Invisalign – The Invisalign system revolutionized orthodontics when it came onto the scene nearly 25 years ago. It’s well-loved by our patients because you can complete your Invisalign therapy in as few as 12 months.
  • Classic Braces – If you’re not a great candidate for Invisalign, then conventional metal braces will work for you. Braces work in a variety of scenarios and can straighten out even the most misaligned teeth or remedy an extreme bite issue.

Do not suffer through life with uneven teeth! Call your new orthodontist near Sterling Heights, MI at 248-712-1522.

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