Dental Implants in Royal Oak, MI Give You a Smile That Feels and Functions Like Your Own

Losing your teeth used to mean some major life changes. You might need to soak your replacement teeth overnight in cleaning solution instead of brushing them, for example. But when you secure your teeth replacements with dental implants, you care for them in much the same way as your natural teeth.

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In addition to the simple maintenance, dental implants offer other benefits:

  • Have a natural feel and function. They perform so much like your natural teeth, you’ll probably forget you even have implants.
  • Keep jawbone strong. Because they are embedded in your jaw, implants act like natural tooth roots. They stimulate your bone to help keep it from shrinking.
  • Stay put. Their position in your jaw also means your implants aren’t going anywhere.
  • Can last a lifetime. With proper care, you can keep your implants for life.
  • Offer versatile solutions. Implants can replace a single tooth, several missing teeth, or a whole mouthful.

Getting implants is a big decision, so second opinions are free. Our Royal Oak, MI dentists know their implants! Dr. Alvin Daboul trains other dentists in dental implant procedures, and he published a book geared toward patients called Getting Ready for Dental Implant Surgery. To schedule a consultation, call 248-712-1522.

Choose the Right Dental Restoration for Your Implants

Because of our dentists’ expertise with implants, you can choose from many different types of dental restorations. We can:

  • Replace a single tooth with a dental crown
  • Replace several missing teeth with a fixed dental bridge
  • Replace anywhere from several missing teeth to an entire mouthful of teeth with dentures over dental implants

We can even attach a full arch of replacement teeth to just four dental implants in a procedure called All-on-4®. This works especially well to keep replacement teeth in place in your lower jaw, where your mouth’s natural suction isn’t as strong. An All-on-4 restoration in the upper jaw leaves your palate exposed, so you can more fully taste your food. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get implants and a mouthful of new teeth all in the same day!

Technology and Sedation Expedite Your Dental Implant Procedure

Careful planning is the key to a successful dental implant procedure, and planning is easier with our advanced dental technology. With 3D imaging, our dentists can clearly view your entire facial structure, including bone and nerves. Doing so highlights any potential complications and helps us select the best sites for implant placement.

We’ll thoroughly numb you for your procedure, but you may also want to receive dental sedation. You can choose from three types, including IV sedation. You can also stay relaxed by using headphones to listen to music while our dentists work. Just select the tunes you want from Pandora Internet Radio.

Dental implants look, feel, and function like your natural teeth! To find out more, call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522.

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