Summer months are full of special occasions like weddings and reunions where you want your teeth to look bright and beautiful. You can walk into these events with a beautiful white smile after a quick treatment at North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI. A professional whitening treatment from our our team only takes about an hour. You just sit back and relax while we do all the work! 

Call us today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) to schedule your teeth whitening with the well-known Zoom brand of products. We offer Saturday appointments and hours as late as 6 p.m. to make it simple to see us for a treatment before your big event. 

You Have Home Options for a White Smile Too

Our extended hours and comfortable surroundings make it a snap to come to our office for whitening. But we also offer you the option of home whitening. 

We know, if you’ve tried drugstore products you’ve likely been underwhelmed by the results. That’s because over-the-counter products contain more “fillers” so they remain shelf stable. You’ll get brighter results from Zoom, because those products contain a higher concentration of whitening ingredients. Plus, we can create custom-made trays for you that make it easy to completely cover your teeth. You won’t have to struggle with messy strips! 

Keep Your Smile Bright

No matter which treatment you choose, you’ll want to keep your white smile as long as you can. Great dental hygiene, with daily brushing and flossing, is the key. In addition, you should:

  • See us at least twice a year for professional cleanings. We’ll remove surface staining so your teeth look and feel terrific.
  • Cut back on staining substances, like red wine, coffee, and cola. Rinse your mouth with water after consuming them.
  • Eat plenty of crunchy snacks with a high water content like apples or carrot sticks. They work almost like a natural “toothbrush” to clean teeth. Plus, they offer many other health benefits.
  • Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products. 

Try Our Teeth Whitening Tricks

If you can’t spare an hour in your schedule to visit our office before your special event, there are some tricks you can try to make your smile look brighter. Creating contrast with your teeth will help. You can apply a bronzer or self-tanner to your face. Wear dark colors near your face too. 

Lip color in the right shade will also give you the appearance of a white smile. If your teeth have a yellowish tinge, try a color with blue or pink undertones like true red, berry, or plum. If your teeth look gray, you’ll get brighter results with a bronze or copper color. 

Consider Other Treatments for a Long-Lasting White Smile

After your special occasion is over, you may want to consider a solution that will give you a long-lasting white smile with no need for repeated treatments. Dental veneers typically last for at least a decade. Our veneers are made of strong and stain-resistant porcelain, so they should remain bright and beautiful for many years. 

Veneers not only cover teeth stains, they hide other smile flaws like cracks, small gaps, chips, and minor misalignment. Check out our blog post on choosing the right veneers for your smile. 

Another option for concealing stains is a dental bonding procedure. One of our dentists will apply white resin (the same material used for fillings) to your teeth. Bonding costs less than veneers, but the results won’t last as long.

Ready for a stunning white smile? Call us today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) .