How to Properly Brush and Floss with Braces

At our Royal Oak, MI dentist’s office, we have seen firsthand how practicing good dental hygiene can be especially important when you have braces. Wires and brackets make it easy for food and plaque to get trapped. If this debris isn’t removed daily, it can lead to cavities, discoloration, and even worse oral health problems. Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the matter and then give us a call at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) to schedule your next appointment at North Oaks Dental.
You can prevent problems by brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Use a toothpaste that has the ADA Seal of Approval and that contains fluoride. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush held at a 45-degree angle from your teeth. Move the brush in a circular motion and be sure to brush above and below your braces. To clean in between your brackets, use a cone-shaped brush, also known as an inter-ortho brush.
Once you are finished brushing, don’t forget to floss. Using conventional dental floss or a threader, clean between each of your teeth and under your wires at least once a day.

Eating with Braces

Eating when you have brackets and wires on your teeth isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does typically require some adjustment. Biting into certain foods can cause them to get stuck in your braces. Other foods are so hard that they can damage your wires and brackets.
To avoid damaging your braces, you should stick to eating with a fork and knife. Cut foods into bite-size pieces so you don’t have to bite into them.

Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces

In addition to how you eat, you should also think about what you are eating. Certain foods are more likely to damage your braces and harm your teeth than others. Corn should be cut off the cob, crunchy fruits and vegetables should be sliced into bite-sized pieces, and sticky candy and gummies should be avoided.
As much as you may crave or want to eat certain foods, the more you damage your braces, the longer you will have to wear them. Keep that in mind when deciding what to eat.

Maintain Checkups with Your Orthodontist and Dentist

Maintaining orthodontic checkups with your orthodontist and/or dentist is even more important when you have braces. Your treatment is planned and designed a certain way for many reasons. Checkups are a time for professionals to ensure your treatment is going as planned, so your teeth can be properly aligned as safely and efficiently as possible.
Checkups are also necessary to ensure your teeth are healthy and clean, so that oral health issues like plaque buildup and decay can be avoided. Pay close attention to what is said during your appointments so you are aware of what is going on during your treatment plan. You will never be left in the dark.

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