“Oh, my teeth look so bad, it doesn’t even matter.” “I’m going to lose all of my teeth, so why does it matter?”
These are two comments we sometimes hear from new patients in our Royal Oaks MI dental office. It’s concerning to hear patients talk this way, but also, it’s clear they are not educated about what we can do for their smile.

North Oaks Dental is a full service dental office that provides treatments for nearly every type of dental complication. We have multiple ways to make your smile beautiful again, and we can even rebuild your entire mouth. You can find out how we can help your smile whenever you call us today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) to schedule your first consultation.

Today we want to share a few ways we can make MAJOR changes in your smile with cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry.

Make Your Smile Pop Again

Sometimes the teeth are healthy but they aren’t healthy looking. Dingy teeth, uneven teeth, crooked teeth, or chipped teeth can decrease the quality of your smile and take a shot at your confidence. We have some great ways to make your smile beautiful again. Here are a few different services:

  • Teeth-whitening — We can provide you both at-home or or in-office whitening. You can literally whiten your teeth in a matter of minutes with our in-office whitening. It’s something you can do over the course of a lunch break. Or, if you have more time, we’ll design custom trays and a high-strength whitening gel to give a better smile.
  • Dental veneers — Dental veneers are a great way for us to cover up smile flaws like heavy stains, chips, cracks, or to balance out uneven teeth. Our veneers are made from porcelain, a material that matches your natural teeth. We can place your veneers in just two visits.
  • Invisalign — If you want to straighten your teeth without braces, Invisalign is right for you. We can make big smile changes with Invisalign, and we can do it with clear aligners instead of brackets and wires. Invisalign is often used to treat mild and moderate orthodontic issues, but of course, not everyone needs extensive orthodontic treatment.

Making your smile beautiful is one thing, but for dentists, functionality is our biggest priority. Our teeth are meant to last forever, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes our teeth need to be restored — or even replaced. Here are great ways we can keep your mouth functional, even if you think your teeth are too far gone.

  • Crowns and bridges — Crowns are one of the most versatile restorations in dentistry. We use crowns to restore teeth that have been damaged by cavities or have needed a root canal. Our crowns are made from high-strength materials and can last decades with great care. A bridge is made up of three crowns and is often used to replace a single missing tooth.
  • Dental implants — Sometimes a tooth has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replace. Dental implants are becoming the most popular way to replace missing teeth. The implants are made from titanium material that fuses with the jawbone and then acts just like the root of your natural tooth. Our dental implants can be restored with crowns, bridges, or full arches of dentures. Patients love our dental implants because they are nearly as strong as natural teeth and can last forever. These implants help patients eat the food they again and smile with confidence.

Let Us Fix your Smile Flaws

As you can see, we have a number of ways to give you a better, more beautiful smile. We would love to meet with you and discuss your smile flaws and goals. Schedule a visit with us by calling 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) .