Root Canal Treatment Will Save Tooth [VIDEO]

Root canal therapy is one of the most feared procedures in medicine. Our Royal Oaks Michigan dental office wants to change the way you think about root canal treatment. A root canal is necessary whenever tooth decay has reached the dental pulp or whenever there is an abscess at the root of the tooth. The alternative to a root canal is an extraction. You see, the root canal can save the tooth ...

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Erase Your Troubles With Dry Mouth

Is your mouth constantly dry or tacky? You may think dry mouth is a small issue, but it’s serious. Dry mouth can cause a number of problems in the mouth, including disruption of sleep, higher risk of cavities, and difficulties speaking. Our Royal Oak Michigan dental office is helping patients resolve their troubles with dry mouth. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your problems and then ...

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Face Dental Fears & Get The Health You Need

In a few weeks, ghouls and goblins will flock around the neighbor looking for tasty treatments. Halloween is a season in which we embrace and even test our fears. Our Royal Oak MI dental office is encouraging patients to face dental fears this month. The old days of dentistry are long gone. No longer are we asking patients to grit and bear it in the dental chair. We want you to be relaxed and ...

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Dental Implants: Not Your Grandfather’s False Teeth

False teeth pop out at random times sit in a glass on the nightstand. That’s the traditional image of dentures. When you come to North Oaks Dental looking for tooth replacement options in Royal Oak, you’ll see how this image of grandpa’s dentures is outdated. Our dental office has four different ways to replace missing teeth : Dental bridges Dentures Dental implants Mini ...

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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants? [VIDEO]

Have you been told that you’re not a candidate for dental implants? That may not be correct. At North Oaks Dental, we have more than one dental implant option for you: traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. Our mini dental implants are specially designed for patients with jawbone recession. The mini dental implants act just like traditional implants, and can be restored with ...

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Leave Orthodontics to the Professionals

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? You have probably searched high and low for the best orthodontic options and rates. At North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak MI, we have board-certified orthodontists who can help you decide the best treatment option for the best possible results. There are a ton of options out there to choose from, and now we are seeing a new trend in at-home direct ...

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Fix All Dental Needs in One Location [VIDEO]

Do you have many dental problems and worry about what a dentist might say about your teeth? When you come to our Royal Oak, MI dental office, we’ll never judge you about the state of your mouth — and we have the treatments to restore your mouth. Take it from Adam. This patient had unfortunately neglected his teeth for much of his life. Not only did we help him with his dental emergency, ...

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What Can Invisalign Do For You? [Quiz]

If you have a crooked teeth or gaps in your smile, there is a way to correct your problems without having to deal with brackets or wires. Our Royal Oak, MI dental office is offering Invisalign to straighten your teeth. This service is subtle and works quickly. It’s become the ideal way to treat alignment issues for working professionals. You can visit our Royal Oak when you call our ...

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More Bad News About Reach of Gum Disease

Our Royal Oak MI dental office is treating gum disease with advanced technology and years of clinical research. At North Oaks Dental, we have five different dentists who can treat your every need, even when it comes to managing infections or replacing missing teeth. Gum disease is a major problem in our country, and in fact, the leading cause of missing teeth in adults. It’s estimated that ...

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Big Difference Between Invisalign & Braces [PHOTO]

Straight teeth can make you more likely to smile and are easier to keep clean. The smile is the first thing people see whenever they meet you, so it’s important to make sure your teeth look great. There are multiple orthodontic treatments for you at our Royal Oak dental office North Oaks Dental. We have two board-certified orthodontists who can treat patients of all ages, and we’re ...

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How To Relax Your Fear Of The Dentist [BLOG]

If you ever have a bad experience in the dental chair, that could contribute to a lifelong fear of the dentist, which won’t be good for your smile or your overall health. ...

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Is A Same-Day Smile Even Feasible? [VIDEO]

You won’t have to live without a full set of teeth much longer, since our Royal Oak Michigan dental office is focused on providing patients with top-notch tooth loss solutions. ...

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