You’ve been told you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. You might be wondering why the procedure is necessary and what it entails. Our Royal Oak Michigan dental office can help you prepare for your wisdom tooth removal, from what to expect before, during, and after the treatment.

The dentists at North Oaks Dental can safely remove wisdom teeth to help you maintain a healthy, straight smile. Today we want to share a few things you can expect from your treatment and provide tips to make the procedure easier for you.

Reasons You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, erupt in the very back of the mouth. These teeth generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Each person generally has four wisdom teeth. There are several reasons why wisdom teeth don’t need to be in the mouth. These molars are often impacted, which means they are trapped in the jaw or just beneath the gums. Additionally, a fully erupted wisdom tooth can cause crowding in the mouth and disrupt the alignment of the teeth. This is why we dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal before or soon after your orthodontic treatments.

What to Expect From Wisdom Tooth Removal

Having a tooth removed can be a stressful process, but when you visit our office, it’s doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. Whether it’s you or your loved one who needs the procedure, we’ll walk you through the entire procedure so you know exactly what to expect. You won’t have any surprises during your visit, and we’ll even use intraoral cameras to show to your exactly what area in the mouth we’ll be working on.

During your procedure, we have a number of ways to help you relax in the chair. We have an in-office anesthetist who can render safe sedation dentistry if you’re fearful or need a substantial amount of work completed. Our office provides a full spectrum of sedation options, from laughing gas to heavy forms of sedation like oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. Using IV sedation, you can undergo a procedure and not have to face the sights, sounds, or smells of the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Removal After Care

Immediately after your wisdom tooth removal, you may experience some sensitivity and pain in the area of the pulled tooth. We’ll prescribe pain medicine if you feel you need it, and give you specific instructions for how to keep your socket or sockets clean as they heal. Dry socket can be a painful problem. It develops whenever the clots fails to form, and this problem can irritate the underlying bone and nerves. Dry socket generally occurs a few days after the extraction, but our dental office can give you tips for how to prevent this problem.

Don’t Let Wisdom Teeth Ruin Your Smile

Wisdom teeth can damage the alignment of your teeth or lead to painful problems down the road. North Oaks Dental can monitor the development of your wisdom teeth and remove these teeth in a safe environment. Give us a call today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) to schedule your treatment.