If you improve your smile, you’ll give your confidence a boost too. You’ll likely be more willing to take the chances both personally and professionally that can result in new opportunities for you. Let our dentists help with your smile transformation!

You can trust us to:

  • Straighten a Crooked Smile – Many patients can straighten their teeth in as few as 12 months using discreet Invisalign aligners. With no brackets or wires, the removable aligners are more convenient and comfortable than braces. That said, Invisalign can’t correct every orthodontic issue. So our board-certified orthodontist also offers traditional braces and ceramic braces, which stand out less in your smile thanks to their clear brackets. 
  • Replace Missing Teeth – Nothing makes you as self conscious as gaps in your smile. We can fill them with dental implants. Unlike other kinds of replacement teeth, implants keep you from suffering bone loss in your jaw. If you’d rather not get implants, you can choose dental bridges or dentures instead. 
  • Conceal Your Flaws – Don’t let imperfections like chips, gaps, stains, and misshapen teeth bother you. You can hide them with custom-made dental veneers or a dental bonding treatment. Our dentists can also correct slightly chipped or uneven teeth with a simple contouring procedure. 
  • Brighten a Dull Smile – Our professional whitening treatments work much better than the ones you buy from a drugstore. We offer both in-office whitening and convenient supplies you can use at home. Custom-made whitening trays make it easy for you to get beautifully bright results at home. 
  • Give You Better Looking Gums – Whether your smile is too “gummy” or shows unsightly receding gums, our team can help. A laser makes it a quick and comfortable process to reshape your gumline by removing excess tissue. We can fix gum recession with either a gum graft or the Chao Pinhole procedure (please note that Dr. Daboul is the only doctor in our practice certified to perform this technique), which requires no incisions or stitches. 

Ready to improve your smile? Call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) today to schedule a consultation in our Royal Oak, MI office. Our dentists will help you find the treatments that best suit your smile.