If you’ve lost a tooth, you may be planning to get a dental bridge. But you may want to consider an implant crown instead. It offers several advantages, one of which Dr. Daboul discusses in our short video. 

A bridge is attached to crowns on top of nearby teeth. As he explains, a traditional bridge involves shaving down healthy teeth, something that isn’t needed if you get an implant crown.

One of the reasons people choose a bridge over an implant crown is the upfront expense. The implant/crown combination does cost more. However, it’s common to get decay in the space under a bridge where your tooth once was. It’s tough to clean your teeth with a bridge. In particular, flossing is difficult. That makes this spot a “bacteria trap,” as Dr. Daboul calls it.

Dr. Dabout shows an X-ray of a patient who had a bridge and developed decay under it. The bridge had to be removed. So ultimately, the patient ended up spending more. 

You can easily floss as you always have with an implant crown. Decay won’t develop under the crown and is less likely to develop in your surrounding teeth. 

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