Keep Your Teen From Awkward Metal Braces

Metal braces are still the gold standard for treating orthodontic issues, especially seriously orthodontic issues. Of course, not everyone needs extensive orthodontic treatments. That’s why our Royal Oak MI dental office, North Oaks Dental, is using clear orthodontic options to straighten teeth. Invisalign is a tool that has become extremely popular for adults and working professionals who ...

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Understand the Cause of Sensitive Teeth [QUIZ]

Sensitive teeth can cause people avoid certain foods or constantly be in discomfort. Our Royal Oak MI dental office is using advanced treatments to resolve sensitive teeth. You can have sensitive teeth because of issues like tooth decay or or even worn down enamel. Our dental team can quickly assess your mouth and decide what treatment, if any, would be right for you. Our dental hygienists ...

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Replace Failing Teeth With Same-Day Smile Solution

Some people living in the Royal Oak MI area need to replace failing teeth that have broken down, or maybe they had teeth removed after an infection. Teeth are similar to tires. We can only patch them so many times until the teeth are no longer useful. At North Oaks Dental, we are using a number of solution to replace missing teeth. Unlike some dental offices, we provide solutions like ...

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When Your Child Loses Baby Teeth

Parents need to know what to do when baby teeth are coming in and falling out. It’s exciting to see our children’s first teeth erupt, and it’s also a big event whenever our children begin losing their baby teeth. Our Royal Oak MI dental office, North Oaks Dental, offers elite family dentistry for patients of all ages. We love treating young patients and showing them the best way to take ...

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How We’ll Painlessly Remove Wisdom Teeth [VIDEO]

Most people will have wisdom teeth. These teeth (you’ll usually develop 4) develop between the ages of 17 to 30, and our Royal Oak Michigan dental office can painlessly remove wisdom teeth. It’s just one of the services we offer at North Oaks Dental. We highly recommend that patients remove wisdom teeth. These teeth, also called third molar, come in at the back of the mouth and often grow ...

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Find Your Comfortable Family Dentist [VIDEO]

Whether you need a family dentist or a place to restore your smile, our Royal Oak MI dental practice can help you achieve a better smile. We’re treating entire families, from children getting their first teeth to adults who need to restore their entire mouth. One of our patients, Brie, enjoys bringing her entire family to our office. She enjoys how Dr. Daboul and the team have a positive ...

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What You Risk By Avoiding the Dentist

Avoiding the dentist is dangerous and can put you at risk of many oral health problems and even overall health issues. Our Royal Oak MI office, North Oaks Dental, is treating patients of all ages and offers soothing treatments for everyone. We understand that many patients are afraid of the dentist and even stay away from the dentist, which is why we’re offering sedation dentistry and ...

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Are You Ready For Invisalign? [QUIZ]

Invisalign is a state-of-the-art orthodontic procedure that helps our patients get a better smile. Our Royal Oak MI dental office is using Invisalign to help a number of alignment issues. North Oaks Dental works with working professionals and teens to give them a great smile using Invisalign. Right now, our office is even doing a special program called #InvisalignConfessions. We want ...

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The Right Royal Oak MI Dental Office For You [VIDEO]

Finding the right Royal Oak MI dental office means finding a dentist who can resolve your dental needs. So you need a comprehensive dental office that is trained is all aspects of general dentistry. North Oaks Dental is that dental office. We provide everything from great prevention to extensive full-mouth reconstructions. The great thing about being our patient is that you don’t have to ...

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Dental Tips to Follow This Thanksgiving (Blog)

It’s the season to eat and be merry. This week families will gather to spend some quality time together and dig into their favorite treats. Tables around the country will be filled with turkey, stuffing, and heaps of pies and treats. Our Royal Oak Michigan dental practice, North Oaks Dental, wants to share a few tips on how you can keep your mouth healthy over the holidays. We hope you have ...

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More Good News About Clear Aligners [VIDEO]

How is 2019 looking for you? We hope that you are as healthy and as happy as you can possibly be. That goes for your smile too. If there is anything left to be desired when you ...

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Relax Your Fear With Dental Sedation [BLOG]

Have you been staying away from the dentist on account of fear or anxiety? Then let’s work together to make 2019 they year you finally take back the health and appearance of ...

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