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The Dental Emergencies Dentist in Royal Oak

If you’re  in the midst of a toothache, jaw pain, bleeding, a broken dental appliance, or you need some other kind of urgent dental care, the North Oaks Dental team will be here to help you get out of pain fast. Plus, we offer both late weekday appointment slots and Saturday appointment slots for those unanticipated treatments. In the video clip below, Dr. Daboul discusses how we prepare for ...

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Plan Your Smile Makeover In Royal Oak

If you are interested in boosting your self-confidence along with your socializing success both at work and at play, then you should really take a look at today’s video clip featuring Dr. Daboul. The focus of his message is to explain what we can do for you with cosmetic dentistry. So, check it out and then get ready to visit North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI to start the smile makeover ...

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This Open Dentist In Royal Oak Is Ready For You [LETTER]

Dear Patients: We hope this letter finds you and your family in good oral health.  Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines.  While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety. And we are thrilled to be an open dentist in Royal Oak, MI, ready to ...

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Have You Considered Mini Dental Implants?

Some folks have been told elsewhere that they are not able to receive dental implants as a tooth-replacement treatment. In today’s video segment, you’ll see how we give such patients a viable path forward with our special restorative dentistry solution involving mini dental implants. Take a look and then call North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI at 248-712-1522 or contact us online to schedule an ...

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How to Identify & Prevent Cavities

To maintain a healthy and happy smile, you should do what you can each day to prevent cavities. However, cavities do happen. Would you know how to identify a cavity in your own mouth in between visits to our Royal Oak, MI dentist’s office? Food and bacteria that linger on your teeth for too long, form plaque. Plaque contains bacteria that produce acids that wear away the surface of your ...

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A Smile Makeover Message From Dr. Daboul

Today’s video clip has an important message from Dr. Daboul So, if you are hoping to make some changes to your smile via cosmetic dentistry, check it out to see what your smile makeover possibilities are. Afterwards, make plans to visit North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI by calling 248-712-1522 to request your 1:1 consultation. Alternatively, you can contact us online to get started! ...

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How to Care for Dental Implants

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, over 3 million people have dental implants and they continue to increase in popularity. There are numerous benefits to choosing dental implants as your tooth restoration in Royal Oak, MI, whether you have lost one or more teeth or need to have an entire row of teeth replaced. Keep reading, and then call 248-712-1522 for a consultation at North Oaks ...

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Springtime Teeth Whitening In Royal Oak MI

At our office, we can transform your yellow, stained, or otherwise discolred smile in time for all your springtime plans. Since we utilize the Zoom! professional-strength teeth whitening program, you’ll be smiling brightly again in no time. The video clip discusses how teeth whitening works at the dentist. When it’s over call North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI at 248-712-1522 or contact us online to ...

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How to Beat Bad Breath

Have you ever seen a cartoon with a character who has bad breath? The stench is often animated with a green cloud that slowly escapes the person’s mouth and surrounds the poor, unfortunate person who is closest to them. While we’ve yet to see an actual green cloud of halitosis escape the mouths of one of our patients at our Royal Oak, MI office, we are familiar with the discomfort and ...

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The Place For Adult Braces In Royal Oak MI

Our conventional orthodontics programs have helped countless patients achieve a healthier and better-looking smile here at North Oaks Dental. That said, we wanted to clarify that we are not just talking about teenagers, which is why we wanted to share a video clip from one of our adult braces success stories. As you’ll see below, it is possible to change your life at any point. All you have to ...

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The Facts About COVID-19 Research: A Message From Dr. Alvin Daboul

Gossip and fake news make me angry.  A recent study began making the newspaper and social media rounds this week claiming that mouthwash “inactivates” coronaviruses, and ...

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White Teeth Make Photo-Friendly Smiles

In the age of smartphones, nearly everyone has a camera available at all times. At this time of year, the beautiful leaves offer a great opportunity for wonderful photos. As ...

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