Sports gear is a pretty popular holiday gift. If it’s on the wish lists of any of your loved ones, you’ll want to make sure they get custom mouthguards to protect their smiles too. 

The American Dental Association estimates that a shocking 5 million teeth get knocked out every year – many of them during sporting events. Plenty of teeth get cracked or broken too. These kinds of incidents can result in some pretty costly dental repairs. They certainly have a lasting impact on your smile. Don’t believe us? Check out this short video where actor Joe Manganiello shows Kelly Clarkson the result of his childhood sports injury. 

We recommend custom-made athletic mouthguards instead of guards purchased from a store. Since they are created using impressions of your athletes’ teeth, they will fit perfectly. No boil-and-bite process is needed. They stay in place and are comfortable to wear – so they won’t get left on the sidelines. 

We’d love to fit your athletes for custom mouthguards. Call North Oaks Dental today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) for an appointment in Royal Oak, MI.