The grin-and-bear-it approach is a thing of past in dentistry. At our Royal Oak Michigan dental office, we’re dedicated to providing great, pain-free dental options whether you need restorative dentistry, orthodontic care, or even a full-mouth reconstruction.

North Oaks Dental has multiple doctors who are trained in all aspects of general dentistry. You won’t find that at many dental offices in the area. Our dentists are highly trained in pain management and state-of-the-art dentistry. Those state-of-the-art services also mean that we can provide pain-free dentistry.

If your current dentist can’t manage your pain, it’s time to find a dentist who can. You deserve pain-free dental options. Give us a call today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) . We’d love to discuss our pain-free dental solutions with you. Today we also want to share a few ways in which you can get a better smile without having to enduring painful procedures.

Comfortable Orthodontic Treatments

When it comes to orthodontics, people often think about painful braces. People think about the uncomfortable brackets and wires and intense wire tightenings. Braces are a great way to treat extensive alignment problems or bite issues, but they aren’t the only way. And of course, not everyone need extensive orthodontic treatment. Some of us simply have mildly crooked teeth.

Our office is using Invisalign to give patients a straighter, more beautiful smile. Unlike traditional orthodontics, Invisalign doesn’t require any fixed appliances. It instead uses plastic trays to move the teeth into a more appropriate position. The treatment is not only invisible and more aesthetic, but it’s also more comfortable. You’ll never have a wiring tightening, and you won’t have to worry about pesky bracket or wires scraping against your gums or cheeks.

Treating Your Gum Issues with Laser Dentistry

One issue that we dentists often treat is gum disease. It’s a serious problem that is also the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Unfortunately, gum disease is also widely prevalent. About 50 percent of all adults in American will suffer from gum disease, and that increases to 70 percent for seniors 65 and older. Gum disease can spread quickly if left untreated.

The traditional way to treat gum disease is with surgery, using scalpels and stitches. The infection is cut out and then the stitches help reattach the teeth and gums. As you can imagine, this process is highly invasive and requires substantial recovery. That’s why we have implemented the use of laser dentistry into our practice. The laser dentistry means we use NO SCALPELS OR STITCHES. The laser simply evaporates the infection and the teeth and gums naturally reattach. The entire process can be complete with little to no pain, and you’ll have peace of mind that the gum issue hasn’t spread.

Complete All of Your Dental Work At Once

Our office focuses on treating patients who want function restored to their mouth. One great tool that helps us in that treatment is sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry not only calms you down, but it gives us the opportunity to complete all of your dental treatment in one sitting.

Actually, we are one of the few offices in the area in which you can receive general anesthesia during your visits because we have an in-office nurse anesthetist. So, if you need extensive dental work, you can receive the anesthesia and wake up with a better smile. The best part is that you’ll never have to face the sights, sounds, smells, or even feelings of the procedure.

You can find out more about our comprehensive dentistry by calling us today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) . We’d love to sit down with you to discuss your smile. By the end of your first visit, you’ll know exactly what our smile solutions can do for you.