Let’s say you’ve been avoiding the dentist for whatever reason and maybe your home hygiene routine has gotten a little off track. As a consequence, you’ve just found out that you need some dental work in order to preserve your natural look or to make your smile fully functional again. That’s not the end of the world. Restorative dentistry solutions can help you fix dental problems as they come along, which is a better plan than putting off dealing with whatever is going on. To hammer home this point, today we want to talk about three consequences of inaction in such a situation. Keep reading and then be sure to call North Oaks Dental at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) to request your next appointment in Royal Oak, MI.

1. Your Situation Will Continue To Deteriorate

You may be inclined to just ignore the problems in your mouth and hope that they simply go away on their own. Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, oral health issues are not like other health concerns (like a headache or pulled muscle) that may well resolve themselves given enough time.
However, issues like dental decay or periodontal disease can only be reversed or treated by a professional. Eventually that is what will have to heppen, like it or not.

Besides, addressing minor problems early on is always better for your smile and your bank account. You see, what begins as a small, painless problem can also easily develop into a larger and quite painful issue.

For example, a basic cavity can turn into a real ordeal if left untreated. We sometimes see patients who have cavities and decide not to fix the problem. Then, without fail, those cavities have a way of turning into bigger problems. Although we could have fixed the issue with a dental filling, it might require a crown later or become impossible to save.

If it comes to that, we can find a way forward for you. But don’t let it come to that!

2. Your Problems Will Become More Costly To Treat

With dentistry, as with most things in life, the more complicated the problem, the more expensive it is to fix. So, paying a few hundred dollars now on some basic restorative work can save you thousands of dollars later. That said, investing even less money in regular preventive dentistry services is an even better way to go!

3. Your Self-Confidence Will Plummet

Let’s face it, your smile is the first thing that most people will notice about you. And if you have allowed yours to fall into disrepair, that can be downright humiliating. What’s more, if you are missing teeth, you will struggle to eat the foods you love, and avoid showing your smile. That’s no way to live! If you are already struggling with the aftermath of tooth loss as an adult, let’s talk about some viable solutions. If you’re not there yet, let’s work together to save your natural smile.

You Make The Call!

We hope you have been inspired to be diligent about getting the high-quality dental care you deserve. Around here, we can provide you with restorative dentistry solutions for problems big or small.

Don’t worry, you won’t get a lecture when you call the team at North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak, MI today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) or contact us online to schedule an easy appointment.