If you are ashamed of your smile on account of gaps, crookedness, or crowding, you won’t have to feel that way much longer. Our orthodontic options and rates are unmatched in the area. Plus, at North Oaks Dental in Royal Oak MI, we have multiple board-certified orthodontists who can help you decide the best treatment plan for you so as to deliver the best possible smile in the end. We will be able to lead you down one of two paths: conventional braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Either way is much more safe and effective than those well-marketed but dangerous at-home orthodontic treatments that are not overseen by a trusted dentist. To receive great professional and personalized care, call us today at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) to book your initial visit. In the meantime, keep reading to hear more about the difference we can make in your life.

The Downside Of At-Home Direct Orthodontics

It is easy to get tricked into partnering with an online orthodontic service that may seem to save you time and money right now. Unfortunately, the odds are good that you won’t receive the results you’re expecting. Here are some reasons these services cause us to sound the alarm:

  • Less than precise molding kits — Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment is based entirely on molds or digital scans. Whichever it is, the measurements need to be perfect. There is little margin of error during this step. To make sure your impressions are perfect, it’s best to keep it in the hands of a dental professional.
  • No professional in charge — Direct orthodontic companies do not have a dedicated dental professional for every patient, so if you have a concern, you might be stuck staying on hold with customer service.
  • Missed dental visits — If you’re undergoing any treatment, it’s important to maintain your dental visits. This allows us to track the progress and make sure the teeth and gums are healthy. Direct orthodontic companies don’t require this, which can put your gums or teeth at risk.

The Difference We Can Make

When it comes to achieving amazing results in a safe environment, it’s best to visit a dental office like North Oaks Dental We have two well-trained board-certified orthodontists who can treat patients of any age, who are dealing with any type of alignment issue.
We offer comprehensive care, because we are uniquely qualified to do so. Those at-home orthodontic companies may not be able to treat severe orthodontic issues, for example, but our office can.

As we mentioned earlier, our office is using state-of-the-art technology to give you a healthier, straighter smile whether we’ve using Invisalign or braces. We even are offering loyal patients a discount and special consultation for braces.
Here are the benefits we make happen for you:

  • Improved appearance — This is one of the most obvious benefits of orthodontic care. Why wouldn’t you want a professional, personalized assessment?
  • Healthier smile — Straight teeth are easier to clean and this reduces the risk of tooth decay or gum disease moving forward.
  • Less dental damage — An imbalanced bite can put pressure on certain teeth and increase the risk of tooth chips or fractures. That won’t be a concern for you after your dentist-directed orthodontic treatment is complete.
  • Less pain —  Orthodontics can balance the bite, alleviating pressure from your gums, teeth, and jaw. You’ll feel better, and look like a million bucks!

Why Wait? Call Our Office Today!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s post. The path to a better-looking, healthier smile can start today with an easy visit to North Oaks Dental. As you can see, it’s important to have a professional handle every aspect of your oral health care. To get started soon and further explore our orthodontic treatments, call our Royal Oak dentist’s office at 248-712-1522 (Royal Oak) 248-963-1969 (New Hudson) or fill out our online form. If you decide to get Invisalign® , you can start your treatment with a $500 down payment and then pay as you go. Our board-certified orthodontists can also provide a free second opinion about which method is right for you!