Our Orthodontic Care Has Boosted the Self-Confidence of Many Patients

You do not have to deal with a crooked smile anymore. The orthodontic specialists at North Oaks Dental are prepared to assist you in attaining the smile of your dreams with our skilled therapy. We’ve corrected the smiles of thousands of patients – both teenagers and adults – and have lots of satisfied patients because of it.

What truly sets our family practice apart from the rest is that we have two board-certified orthodontists on the team, Dr. Justin Kammo and Dr. Gerald Wesley. They concentrate their specialist services on orthodontics, so you can feel confident you’ll receive outstanding care from either one.

We provide you two great orthodontic approaches to pick from:

  • Invisalign – When it came onto the scene nearly 25 years ago, the Invisalign system revolutionized orthodontics. Patients love its clear plastic teeth aligners that don’t disrupt their professional and social lives. They’re almost invisible, so others will hardly detect them, if ever. Adults particularly value this facet of their orthodontic care. And you might finish your Invisalign therapy in as few as 12 months.
  • Conventional Braces – If you’re not an excellent candidate for Invisalign, conventional metal braces will certainly benefit you. They are a reliable method for straightening teeth and have actually been around for years. Braces work great in a variety of circumstances and can correct even one of the most misaligned teeth or fix a serious bite dilemma.

Don’t suffer through life with crooked teeth! Call your new orthodontist near Southfield, MI at 248-712-1522.