Chris D

I love coming to this particular practice because they’re very professional here and I like the way that they treated me during my procedure. It felt very safe here so I really like that aspect.

I had a tooth that was fused to my jaw which was, I guess, they haven’t really heard of that before. There’s not many cases of that, so they took that out and I was able to get an implant in, and it pretty much saved the whole bottom part of my mouth because if I wouldn’t have done that all the teeth would have just started growing in together and it would have been bad. So coming here, getting an implant done, that was very helpful for my smile.

It went a lot smoother than I thought. When I first got in, you know, I was pretty nervous but again, here’s another reason why I say that I feel very safe coming here is because I was very nervous before the surgery or the implant, and you know, the doctor came in and he used a very calm voice, and he was, you know, able to give me pain medicine and just explain the whole process to me so that I kind of knew what I was going to be going through.

The doctors seem like they care, and the staff is very professional. I like that. It makes me feel, again, it makes me feel safe. It makes me want to come here.

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