Alan C

I love this practice because the staff is absolutely friendly, and Dr. Daboul is always there to answer any questions and is very willing to go the extra mile for you as an individual, and sees you as a person, and is willing to help you with any needs that you have.

I wanted to get my teeth to become perfect, per se, and I wanted them to really become what I want myself to portray. I want my teeth to be as very well tight, nice, clean, white as possible because that’s how I wanna carry myself, and that’s how I want, seeing it’s the first impression people see, I want that to be a good impression. When I had gaps in my teeth, and I was worried that that could set me apart, especially when taking photos for graduations and et cetera, I wanted to make sure that my smile stood out, and so that’s where I sought out orthodontics.

It was painless, it was smooth, and if I had any questions, I felt comfortable calling and asking and making the additional appointment. It was a very smooth process. Smooth is the best word I could say ’cause there was no hiccups. There was nothing. Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen, and it worked out very well, if I say so myself.

At North Oaks Dental, you will expect friendliness and quality treatment and service. They put you as a priority over all the other work they’re doing. They’re more than willing to put their stuff down to help you, to help get you in your tip-top shape, and get your teeth cleaned, fixed, altered, any way in shape, form. They’re more than willing to put you first and be very personable with you and create a relationship with you here at North Oaks Dental.

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